Today I’m thankful for Vimeo.


Thanks to this rad company and community, I have been inspired to create a video after six months of no video making. (This is an epic change for me, a videographer who was once cranking out multiple videos a month.)

In the past year, I participated in five of Vimeo’s Weekend Challenges. But ever since my diagnosis of Lyme Disease and starting treatment, I have had to put my work off to the side — both professionally, and personally. Sure, I’ve picked up the camera a couple of times every now and then, and edited a bit here and there. An artist can’t just stop creating, no matter what the circumstances.* However, the way I handle a camera has drastically changed, and there have been absolutely no projects.

The theme for this past Weekend Challenge was “Forever Summer,” the goal of which was to create a video summing up your summer. I chose to make my first Swishblog, a Vidblogging effect developed by Justin Johnson where you do quick pans or tilts at the beginning and end of every shot, and then edit the sequence together in a seamless fashion.

I know I can’t do this kind of stuff often, but it did feel great to do. When I first read the email invitation for the challenge, I knew I had to be open to letting it go. If it got to be too much pressure, or if I had really bad days ahead, I was okay with not doing it. As it turns out, the inspiration was there, allowing me to temporarily forget about my aches and pains.

And so, without further ado…

* Of course, there are circumstances that could allow for an artist to stop creating. I’m more-so talking about the majority here. There are some pretty miraculous stories out there of artists pursuing their calling! One of my particular favorites is guitarist Billy McLaughlin, who was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disorder called focal dystonia. Determined to continue his career, in four years he taught himself to play left-handed (he was right-handed previously), re-mastering his world-famous songs.

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