My friend Aubrie

This fine lady… We go way back. We met in a corn field filled with rows of blue tents, where we camped and trained for a long trek around western Europe. We bonded like true sisters, sharing in each others’ sorrows, encouraging one another, and making each other laugh so hard it hurt. That was thirteen years ago. 



After our adventures abroad, Aubrie and I moved back to our respective homes – her to Colorado, and I to Wisconsin. We missed each others’ presence. We sent care packages and letters, and caught up on the phone when we could. Even if a whole year went by with barely any contact, we were sure to pick things up the next time.

Aubrie is one of those long distance friends that you know you’re just meant to keep. A kindred spirit, a bosom friend. When I think of her, my heart warms up. By memory, I can feel her bear hug and hear her contagious laugh. She makes me feel loved. She makes me feel special. She makes me want to do great things by being sincere in the small things.

Aubrie Pyle became Aubrie Fletcher the same year my name changed (six years ago). We’re both pretty lucky wives to two amazing husbands. We have both felt deep callings to have families – to be mothers. Aubrie mourned with me when I experienced pregnancy losses and celebrated with me when I gave birth to Gunther, my miracle baby.

But she and her husband, Ben, are still waiting for their miracle baby. You see, they are having to walk the unwanted journey of infertility.


Fighting for their dream, Aubrie and Ben are currently facing thousands of dollars of infertility treatment. Would you consider helping them in their difficult journey? Your donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated and would go a long way to support this amazing family!

To find out more, please visit: Thank you for helping me love my sweet, special friend.
If you can’t donate for whatever reason, I encourage you to instead reach out to an old friend today. Tell them you are thankful for them. We all need to be thought of, to know we are loved and not forgotten.
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