Change is in the air

The green tree leaves are changing to vibrant red hues. The air is crisp. (I could see my breath the other day.) As the sunny skies turn gray here in the Pacific Northwest, my mind turns to the changes ahead. With these atmospheric changes, there are changes in my health.

No, I’m not feeling better (yet). I’m starting a new treatment therapy which I’m really hopeful to start seeing improvement through. And I’d like your help!

I started a GoFundMe Campaign as a way to gather a team of supporters. Please check it out!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, chances are you know a little bit about Lyme disease. You know it can cause serious damage. You know it is life-altering. You know it’s complicated.

There are many ways to go about treating chronic Lyme. I’ve tried the antibiotic route, and feel strongly that it’s not for me anymore. The program I plan to start by the end of this year is called LymeStop and offers antibiotic-free treatment therapy – just what I need!

LymeStop is conveniently located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, just six hours from where I currently live. The program uses holistic treatment including all-natural magnetic therapy to kill off the Lyme bacteria. My first appointment, a series of visits over the course of a week, is scheduled for December 15th. 

Following the December visit, there will be a follow-up appointment within three months to assess effectiveness. Future visits are dependent on my improvement. Dr. Tony Smith, the founder, has successfully treated over 400 Lyme patients with this therapy. Many people who attend this program see very positive results, even within the first few months.  

Though part of me is hopeful that I’ll be one of the many who quickly improve, I also know enough about my condition to not get ahead of myself with excitement. I have a complicated case of Lyme disease because it went untreated for years on end. I’ve only recently started to pick up the pieces of this illness, a chronic condition which I’ve had for *at least* fourteen years, but only just discovered a couple of years ago.

Still, I am hopeful. I want to be better. I’m anxious – indeed, desperate – to be better. I’m ready to be better. I have big dreams that I want to see fulfilled. I want to homeschool my child. I want more children. I want to cook two meals a week, and not feel like I’m going to die doing it.

Would you consider helping me in my out-of-pocket treatment costs? And/or, will you help spread the word? Lyme disease is the number one vector-borne illness in the United States, yet it is severely lacking funds.

It is my ultimate desire that I get past this illness. But even if I raise the funds I need, and if I improve, I won’t stop fighting. There are possibly over a million people just like me right now – sick and in need of help. We are in a serious crisis here, friends.

Thank you for helping (however you can).

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