United for Medical Freedom

A woman stands with an umbrella, rain steadily dripping above her head. She holds a sign: “My child, my right.” Pushing a stroller with two young ones, she makes her way closer to the front to hear the speaker.

A man in overalls steps in place to keep warm. He grins as we catch eyes. Passion emits from the microphone, and he is the first to applause.

A couple huddle together. They look toward the podium, while watching the crowd, while stealing glances at each other. Their hands meet on a laminated piece of paper. A picture of a young child. There are two dates written. The year the child was born, and the year the child’s life was ended.

The woman is here because she’s fighting for her right to make medical choices for her family, not the State to make those choices for her.

The man is here to support his friend, an attorney, one of the speakers.

The couple are here to show the world that their child was robbed from them, a mere 12 hours after receiving his routine shots. They walk with pain every day because of his loss. They wish they knew then what they know now.


Vaccines are not safe.

Maybe they are safe for some, but they are certainly not safe for all.

If they were, why would the US government have paid over three billion dollars to families who have experienced vaccine injuries? If they were, why is autism 198 times more common today than it was forty years ago (when our vaccine schedules have more than tripled since then)? If they were, why are there more infant deaths on day one of a baby’s life in the US, than all other industrialized countries combined? If they were, why does your doctor scoff at you if you ask to see a package insert?

These are all questions asked by the mom, by the friend, by the couple holding their dead child’s photograph. These are all questions I ask. And these are questions I hope you might ponder as well.

There is nothing wrong with being pro-vaccination. But there is something dreadfully wrong when a person who considers themselves pro-education can’t even ask questions like the above.

When that person shows concern about the declining health of our nation and loved ones, and doors are slammed in their face. They are called names, they are mocked.

Why? For asking questions? For thinking for themselves, instead of doing what they are told, or believing what they are fed to believe? For standing up for their right to choose what goes into their body or the bodies of their children?

The information is out there. You just have to open your eyes to see it.


// Sources:

// The details of above mentioned rally attenders are hypothetical.

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