Thank you for viewing my blog and considering to be a part of my journey!

There are a couple of ways that you can come alongside my family and I to help us in dealing with the harsh realities of Lyme Disease. First, you can subscribe to the blog by email. (Scroll down and click “follow.”)

Secondly, consider donating towards our out-of-pocket medical expenses. Besides the time and energy, Lyme costs a lot of money to treat. In the past year alone, we have spent $10,000 in doctor visits, medication, and supplements.

Ten percent of what you donate will go to furthering research for Chronic Lyme Disease. Any bit of help from you is appreciated more than you may ever know.  Thank you!

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2 thoughts on “Join

  1. Cody Gayhart says:

    Hey Kristin O. !?! My heart breaks to hear the diagnosis, but, as you said, it brings relief and peace to know what you are battling. We all support you and Jon. Have you ever thought of doing a You may be able to raise more money, awareness, prayers, etc. Praying for a strong health both physically and mentally!


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