The good and the bad…

  • “You look like you. Yourself. Like this is Kristin Olson, it just took some time to happen.”
  • “You look so hot with dreadlocks.”
  • “Are those… dreadlocks?!?”  – Yep.
  • “I don’t think I like that hairstyle on you much.”  – Yeah? That’s okay. –  “But, if it makes you happy…”  – Thanks, it definitely does!
  • “Not something I would necessarily be inclined to, but…. Jamaican mon.”
  • “Crazy.”
  • “Gross.”
  • “My hairdresser says it can be dangerous because of lice and stuff.”
  • “I just don’t know why you would do that when people already can’t understand/relate to you.” (Ouch.)
  • “Is that real?”  – Yes. –  “That’s your real hair?!?!?!”
  • “I like your hair. I wish I could do that.” (Said a balding friend)
  • “You know, I’m not sure about your hair like that, it’s different; but what I like is that you can see your face more. You have a beautiful face.”
  • “I had a dream that you got fired for having dreadlocks.” (This dream never happened in real life, ha)
  • “Wow, your hair!! When did you do that, you crazy coot?!”
  • “Yea, you’re rockin’ the dreads!! So awesome! I’m proud of you.”
  • “Your hair is beautiful. I’ve had to help my friend with hers three times. I know, crazy.”
  • “How’s the new do? That didn’t take very long, did it?”  – Only 25 hours. –  “25 hours?!? Get outta here, no way!”
  • “Your hair looks so good!! It’s so cool!”
  • “I like your hair that way, it’s very Erykah Badu-ish.”
  • “Did you get that done in Jamaica?”  – No actually, I’ve never been there. Have you? –  “Oh yeah I went there, they do that right on the beach. I’ve traveled a lot. You know Art Saloon?”  – No, I’m actually from Madison…  – “Oh, well, I live around there, just a couple blocks down, it’s real close. I’m having a heart attack party tonight if you can make it. Free food, lots of food!” (Oh, Milwaukee.)
  • In response to the time-lapse video: “Looks like a lot of time sitting and doing nothing.” (Ha. Quite the opposite, really.)
  • “Your hair looks like the neglected cat’s unbrushed hair.”
  • “Love your dreads. I don’t know if I’m Bohemian enough to pull them off.” (Because I am Bohemian of course, ha.)
  • “I wish I was brave enough to commit to dreads! I would totally do it in another life! :)”
  • “They’re very stately.”
  • “You/they look regal.”
  • “Looks like a raccoon terd.”
  • *gasp* “Oh, Kristin…” (Read: Oh, Kristin what have you done with yourself…)
  • “Your hair is one flesh!”
  • “You look Parisien.”
  • “Didn’t Bob Marley have a story about his dreadlocks, like a spider was in them or…”
  • “Why? Just why?”
  • “You have a ring in there!”
  • “Oh, Kristin, how awesome! I’m so happy!”
  • “I heard you had dreadlocks and was like ‘What?!’ – I thought it was a joke.”
  • *cricket, cricket* (Silent stares.)
  • *laughing* “They look like joints. I’d like to smoke that one there!”
  • “You look like Alien. You know, from the movie.” (Because it’s every woman’s dream to be called an alien, right…)
  • “Okay, so I have to ask one more question… Can I touch your hair??” (After touching): “It wasn’t as scary as I thought! I mean, it feels like… hair.”
  • “It’s like your hair is its own person because it has so much personality.”
  • “All your’s?”  – Yep. –  “It’s cute.” (From an elderly person!)
  • (Hairstylist at a salon): “You’re not cutting those off today are you??”  – No! –  “Oooh, good, cause if you said yes I was gonna cry because they look beautiful on you.”
  • “Her hair looks funny…” (coming from a child to their older sibling). “But… she looks like a pirate!” (Yes, thanks to Johnny Depp, haha.)
  • “He’s barking at your hair!” (Said a woman walking with a yippy dog. What does that mean?!)
  • “You have the best looking dreads I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been around for a while! You’re the coolest mom!!” Thanks for making my shopping trip, random man.

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