Did you know that Lyme Disease is the fastest growing vector-borne (transmitted by an insect) illness in the United States? The CDC reports over 300,000 cases per year, and yet there are no accurate tests available to aid in diagnosing. Scary, right?

Lyme is an auto-immune disease, meaning the body tissues are attacked by its own immune system. The scientific name behind the disease is Borrelia burgdorferi. The bacteria spread throughout the entirety of the body over time, affecting a person’s wellbeing in multiple ways and, in extreme cases, can cause death.

There is a lot of political controversy and debate about Lyme in the United States. “Camp A” believes it is easy to diagnose and easy to treat. “Camp B” would say it is hard to diagnose and difficult to treat. I am a strong supporter of “Camp B.”

I believe Lyme is hard to diagnose and treat simply because I am one of countless Americans who had to suffer for years with an undiagnosed illness. I was sick for at least 10 years before finding out that my illness was not all in my head; I had Lyme Disease. Because it went untreated for so long, I am dealing with the chronic effects of the infection and riding the waves of the unknown.

The LLMD (Lyme Literate Physician) that ultimately diagnosed me with Lyme did more for me in one visit than any of my previous doctors over the course of several years. I have been undergoing special treatment since the beginning of 2014 and will continue to fight this disease for as long as it takes to eradicate enough of the bacteria for me to live a normal, healthy life again.

The purpose of this blog, Locked With Lyme, is to provide an outlet for me to share my personal experiences with Lyme. It is also my desire to be an advocate for the education and awareness of the disease.


One thought on “Lyme

  1. Daria says:

    Hi Kristin, this is Daria at I’m wondering how you are doing under Dr. Tony’s care at LymeStop. I’ve seen him x3 counting my initial set of treatments in Dec 2016. It’s been the “peeling of an onion” story; I’m so grateful I’ve found him but recovery (new infections unveiled at each visit) with the huge herxing has been rough. Keep your eyes on your Creator. Read about my progress on my website. Know that I am praying for you.


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