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To the Passenger who Called Me A Slut

I don’t even know what you said in full, the wind disrupted the sound waves as your words were on their way from your mouth to my ears.

“Slut village?” “This isn’t Slut Village?”

Whatever you said, it initially made me chuckle. Receiving catcalls and obscenities is something I’d expect in my college town. And something that did happen often while I was in college, not because of how I acted, or how I dressed, but because men are men and that’s all. Continue reading

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Thankful Thursday #1

It’s easy to feel self-pity when you’re dealing with a chronic illness such as Lyme Disease. People can encourage me to think positively as much as they want, but at the end of the day: I am sick.

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My depression is in a much better place now than it was pre-diagnosis. Still, I am aware that I am prone to think negatively pretty often, mostly in relation to the pain I experience. (I often feel like I’m an 80-year old, trapped in a 27-year old body.)  Continue reading

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