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How Lyme Disease Takes A Village

Lyme disease can leave people feeling alone and abandoned.

Alone because no one understands. Even their closest friends and family members have trouble understanding.

Abandoned by the medical community.  Lyme patients are forced to pay out-of-pocket for treatment costs, and in a way, forced to become their own doctors.  Continue reading

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There is much to be thankful for these last few weeks. Change is a-comin’ and life is exciting. (More on that in a little while.) Today, I wanted to write a post about two special people in my life:

Today I’m thankful for our sweet friendship with John & Beky  Continue reading

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One holiday to the next

* Please note, today is Labor Day, not Independence Day. This is a belated post from an old journal entry I found on my phone.

The Fourth of July:  A happy, celebratory day. A day of enjoying food with friends and loved ones, in thanksgiving of our nation’s freedom. Towns and cities send fireworks high into the sky. Families and friends light off small (possibly illegal) firecrackers, while children giddily run with s’mores and sparklers.  Continue reading

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