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How Lyme Disease Takes A Village

Lyme disease can leave people feeling alone and abandoned.

Alone because no one understands. Even their closest friends and family members have trouble understanding.

Abandoned by the medical community.  Lyme patients are forced to pay out-of-pocket for treatment costs, and in a way, forced to become their own doctors.  Continue reading

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My friend Aubrie

This fine lady… We go way back. We met in a corn field filled with rows of blue tents, where we camped and trained for a long trek around western Europe. We bonded like true sisters, sharing in each others’ sorrows, encouraging one another, and making each other laugh so hard it hurt. That was thirteen years ago.  Continue reading

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On Being Sick and Parenting

It’s Friday.

I’m at home, sitting on a couch that is half full of clean laundry. Diaper laundry to be specific, with the occasional pair of pants and sock thrown in the mix. Instead of folding it, I kick my feet up on the pile of diapers, as if they are one with the couch cushion. My baby is napping in the other room and I could think of a million things to do with my time other than folding laundry. Continue reading

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5 Year Anniversary

(Originally posted on Oh, The Olsons!)

A couple of weekends ago, Jonathan and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary! Because of certain commitments, as well as the unpredictable baby schedule, we ended up celebrating in spurts all weekend long: dinner at Pike Place Market on Friday night, hiking at Wallace Falls on Saturday, and a walk (just the two of us) to the park on Sunday.  Continue reading

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