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How Lyme Disease Takes A Village

Lyme disease can leave people feeling alone and abandoned.

Alone because no one understands. Even their closest friends and family members have trouble understanding.

Abandoned by the medical community.  Lyme patients are forced to pay out-of-pocket for treatment costs, and in a way, forced to become their own doctors.  Continue reading

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When I Feel Frustrated at How I’m ‘Lacking’ Due to My Illness

This article was featured on The Mighty.

Life with Lyme is so freaking hard.

Thanks-but-no-thanks to chronic Lyme disease, I find myself lacking in so many areas. Having said that, I’m certainly not lacking in feelings of frustration and guilt toward myself. These fiends stealthily sneak up on me all too often. Sometimes I greet them at the gate. “Hey there,” I say from a distance. “I know you and you’re not welcome here today.” Other times they barge in unannounced and I don’t even know they’re there until the damage has already been done.  Continue reading

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