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23 Ways to Imagine What It’s Like to Have Lyme Disease

This article was featured on The Mighty.

Dealing with Lyme Disease can be challenging enough based on the complex symptoms alone.

What makes it ten times more challenging, though, is the fact that (for most with Lyme Disease) our symptoms are invisible. Continue reading

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It’s the Most *Busy* Time of the Year

Life just doesn’t stop being busy, right? Since beginning this blog, I’ve had many great intentions with it. I have drafts upon drafts of notes containing ideas for future blog posts, but sitting down to execute a post into completion has been ridiculously hard as of late.

The reasons are abounding. Teething baby, worsening Lyme symptoms, holiday season, husband’s long work days. The biggest wall I hit was my laptop crashing a few months ago. We just recently got it back up and running, but boy was that a fright! (I am the worst when it comes to backups.)  Continue reading

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