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How Lyme Disease Takes A Village

Lyme disease can leave people feeling alone and abandoned.

Alone because no one understands. Even their closest friends and family members have trouble understanding.

Abandoned by the medical community.  Lyme patients are forced to pay out-of-pocket for treatment costs, and in a way, forced to become their own doctors.  Continue reading

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Launch Reflections

As I sit in my kitchen, Baby Gunther is in his high chair while I enjoy a small snack of a muffin and kombucha, both handmade by my dear husband.

The past couple of weeks have been a struggle. I deal with fatigue and lack of energy from Lyme on a regular basis, but these past two weeks have been extreme in those areas. I’ve had a million ideas of what the topic of this post should be, the first post since officially launching the blog. To be honest, despite making myself public and now having somewhat of a following, my motivation to publish this next post has been on freeze mode. Is this lack of motivation thanks to Lyme? Or is it writer’s block? I’m not sure.  Continue reading

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