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GoFundMe: Locked With Lyme Q&A

GoFundMe: Locked With Lyme Q&A

1. Tell me about the treatment you are undergoing: Who, what, where: when?
I will be traveling to Coeur d’Alene, ID to see Dr. Tony Smith for his LymeStop Program. I have three appointments spread over the course of almost one week (December 15-20).

Dr. Smith is an experienced healer, who specializes in chiropractics. He developed a unique way of treating Lyme using magnetic therapy. The magnets are used to trigger the body’s immune system to heal itself. Continue reading

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All I Want for Christmas

Every store or company is marketing what they believe to be “the best holiday gift this year.” It’s overwhelming, all the ads, all this stuff.

Okay, so let’s pretend I was going to go shopping at the mall today. (I neeevvvver actually do this, since malls and I go together about as poorly as snails and salt. If you don’t know what that means, please – don’t Google it – just take my word that it simply means I don’t belong in malls.)

As I was saying, let’s imagine that I was to step inside a mall today. And let’s image that a cheery store clerk asked what I wanted for Christmas. I can assure you that, despite their best effort, the right answer would be far from their lips.

What do I want? Something you can’t offer me.
What’s that, you say? I want my health back.
Oh, but I look healthy to you? Really, you have no idea.  Continue reading

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